Get involved

Allow God to use you today

The Invitation

Want to see someone’s life changed? Start off by inviting a friend or family member to church this weekend. Let them experience the same God that you encountered!

Dream Groups

Dream Groups are the heartbeat of The Dream Centre. By creating a sense of family and enabling you to build relationships, they make large environments feel like home. No matter what your interests, career goals, stage of life or personal matters

there’s a Dream Group that’s a great fit for you.

Dream Teams

Be the first to welcome guests as soon as they arrive, answer any questions people might have, help find the best seats available, and pray with those who just made the most important decision of their lives: accepting Christ.

Dream Live

Creative and Production

​Join our film, design, motion graphics, digital, writing, or audio teams to create content for our church. You’ll be a part of creative projects that will reach the world through our weekend worship experiences and the various ministry opportunities throughout our church.

Help create an atmosphere where people can experience the presence of God. Operate cameras, lights, screens, and sound to support the Gospel being presented on stage. No experience required!

Online Giving

Sow a seed in our ministry today!

All donations to the church are voluntary & non-refundable. For any enquires you may email us at