Dream Youth

Dream Youth is designed to help high school and pre-uni students grow their faith, their character, their relationships and to become young people who love Jesus.

With the many things that our young people go through every day, we simply just want to do life with them. Our biggest emphasis is on supporting our youth to pursue their dreams that is aligned with what God has planned for them.

Youth Pastors

Simeti and Lina Tipelu are the youth pastors at The Dream Centre Church in Auckland.

They’re passionate about seeing a ‘Young Polynesian and Maori’ movement rise up across the nation of New Zealand, loving God, living freely and pursuing dreams.


Simeti can often be found eating a bucket of chicken occasionally, while Lina admittedly spends copious amounts of time planning her dream vacations to all sorts of destinations around the world.

At the end of the day they're just your regular individuals who are in love with God

But seek to see young people thrive in life.

Youth Times

Every Friday 7pm at The Dream Centre

14 - 18yrs but open to anyone and everyone!

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